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HIK - Image Brochure

We will do that. Creating free space in terms of time and bud- get – we do that for you. For this, new oppor- tunities are opened up for you to efficiently pursue your core businesses. Efficiency with a system Through a wide, international purchasing platform and sophisticated logistics incl. Kanban in the differentiated ERP system, we generate extraordinary availability and sus- tainable savings potential for you. Process reliability and tested products In addition to state-of-the-art technology for cable processing and assembly production with a high degree of automation, the basis for our faultless product quality is constantly maintained configuration and documentation management – if required, under considerati- on of RAMS and LCC. In the test fields, each product is subjected to an extensive quality check. And this, always in close consultation with you, our customers. Working for you worldwide Our products are delivered worldwide – we accompany you throughout Europe and also overseas. From product launch, right up to customs handling and consideration of coun- try-specific legislation, our trained specia- lists are available to assist you.